• Pork Pie USA Custom Snare: 7x13 Oak with African Marble
  • USA Custom Snare

    7″x13″ Oak with African Marble

  • Features

    7″×13″ Oak with African Marble Snare Drum

    9 Ply Oak Shell Handmade in Italy

    African Marble Veneer with a Vintage Satin Finish

    2.3 mm Heavy Duty Hoops

    Pork Pie Exclusive Hourglass Shaped Lugs

    Pork Pie Standard Throw Off And Butt Plate

    Brass Snare Wires

    Remo USA Heads

    Handmade At The Pork Pie Factory

    Available in 7×13 and 6.5×14

  • Prop 65 Information