History of Pork Pie

Hi, my name is Bill Detamore, President of Pork Pie Percussion.

In 1987, I started making drums as a hobby. I sold one, made two more and so on. This evolved into some of the finest handmade drums available today. To take snare drums one step further, I introduced solid (one piece), exotic wood stave and plate brass designs. We now have a complete line of hardware and accessories to round out the line.

Over the years, Pork Pie™ has become the place where a drummer can hot rod an existing kit with edges and refinishing, or design the kit of their dreams. My signature is on the inside of every Pork Pie™ drum*. This is my guarantee of quality. My goal is your total satisfaction.

Remember, the most important tools at Pork Pie™ are…my hands.

Pork Pie Kits