USA Custom

Pork Pie™ drums are the top-of-the-line. Standard equipment includes: 100% maple shells, Pork Rings™ mounting system, 2.3mm hoops, heavy duty spurs and our hour-glass shaped lug. Finish choices are limitless. View our most popular finishes: High-Gloss Lacquers, Satin Lacquers and Wraps.

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Hip Pig

The Hip Pig line of drums was created for the vintage look and sound. All Hip Pig drums are made with 8 ply Eastern Mahogany shells and are available in a variety of vintage finishes.

All Hip Pig drums are made in Taiwan.

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Not your acrylic drums from the 1970’s!

Pork pie acrylics are made in our So Cal shop with the same eye on quality as the custom wood drums.

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