Sometimes people say really nice things about us. Really…nice things.

I’ve been with Bill and Porkpie for 13 years from a mutual friend (Thank God) and all I ever wanted was to play the best sounding drums in the world and with Porkpie I found that drum! I use them on records , live shows, everything!!! Also, you always get to spend personal time at the shop to learn and talk about the drums how there made and just hang out and if your lucky you get a burger from Carls Jr. right around the corner!!!!! Now where else can u get that personal attention and the bonus is that Bill is an amazing human being and couldn’t be any nicer of a guy and always has the best dudes working there as well!

Loyal as F**k porky drummer!!! That’s me 🙂

Dearest PORK PIE lovers…..

But more importantly those who are CURIOUS, have you been PORKED yet?

If you have then you don’t need to read the rest of my diatribe because you know how amazing every PORK PIE product is!

I’ve known BILL DETAMORE from the beginning, back in ’87. I first brought him a Ludwig snare drum to retool and bring back from the dead at the insistence of Mike Fasano (which he did and I still treasure). Bill was just getting PORK PIE off of the ground from inside his parents garage. He was a fucking “nut job” with his enthusiasm and attention to detail. You could not shut him up about bearing edges, wood/metal configurations, throw offs, etc. It was very scary.

Unfortunately, he’s still the same. That is why I will always be a PORK PIE GUY.

He still hand signs each and every drum and is personally attached to everything that leaves his drum laboratory. If it’s not right, they’ll fix it. Everyone that works there is also infected with Bill’s commitment, ethics and enthusiasm for the art of drumming and drum making.  There are MANY great drum companies out there these days but only a small handful that have this type of quality and integrity.

I am constantly asked to give a “tour of my drum-set when I pull into venues all over the world. After they’ve heard the kit everyone comes closer to inspect it. I am very proud of these drums and of my affiliation with PORK PIE. You will too after you own these beauties.

I’ve owned Pork Pie drums since 1996 ( Bill you can double check that)  and I now have 3 kits.   They are crazy awesome!!!!

Peace Brotha

“Absolutely love my Pig Lite kit! Looks awesome and I get nothing but compliments on the sound. Bill and Shawn are totally great guys to work with. Stoked to be a member of the Pork Pie family!”

So many soundmen that mic and mix my drums say my Pies are the best sounding kit they have ever mixed. They would be correct!

I’ve played Pork Pie drums for 16 years. They sound amazing, no matter what style of music I’m playing.

My Pork Pie drums look and sound incredible. Between my maple and my Cherry/Bubinga kit, I find I have all the tone and sound I could possibly need for any musical situation.