• Pork Pie USA Custom Snare: 6.5x14 Brandied Peach with Mahogany Stripe Specialty Snare
  • USA Custom Snare

    6.5×14 Brandied Peach with Mahogany Stripe Snare Drum

  • Features

    6.5×14 Bradied Peach With Mahogany Stripe

    8 Ply Maple Shell

    45 Degree Edges with Round Over Counter Cut

    Custom Brandied Peach and Mahogany Finish

    Pork Pie Hand Applied Satin Finish

    Chrome Plated Hardware

    2.3mm hoops

    Pork Pie Throw Off and Butt Plate

    Pork Pie Brass Snare Wires

    Remo USA heads

    Handmade At the Pork Pie Factory

    Available In Any Size

    Available at Any Pork Pie Dealer