• USA Custom Kit

    “Bettis B20 Glitter with 24″ Kick”

  • Features

    Pork Pie Percussion exclusive B20 finish is made with ground up cymbal B20 cymbals

    Sizes pictured: 9×13, 16x16ft, 14×24 shell pack. Standard and custom sizes available

    Pork Pie’s progressive ply design ™

    Toms 6” to 13”: 6 ply

    Toms 14” to 18” : 7 ply

    Bass drums and snare drums: 8 ply

    High bond adhesive wrapped finish

    2.3 mm hoops

    Pork Pie exclusive hourglass shaped lugs

    USA made Remo heads

    Painstaking attention to detail

Video: How the B20 finish is made

Video: Butch Norton on a B20 Kit