Hello Porkers
I have been working on this snare drum for a few weeks now. When I order raw 8 ply Maple snare tubes, they come with enough shell to get about 3 snare drums from one tube. I have tons of 4×14 shells left over. I have been waiting for the piccolo to come back in fashion.
I took 5 shells. 3 shells for the inside and 2 for the outside. Cut and fit with lots of glue and I made a 7X14, 16 ply Maple snare drum shell. We finished it with Rosewood vertical veneer inside and outside with a satin oil finish, This drums is spectacular!
Enjoy the video.

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Video: Black Friday Hip Pig

I just received my weekly sales report and these Hip Pig snare drums are almost sold out. Do not miss the chance to get one of these at this Legend film now

Here is a video of the Black Friday Hip Pig snare drum being played on an amazing kit. The hip Pig snare is 7×13 and has 8 plies of Eastern Mahogany with a black ebony stain. The kit is all Maple and the sizes are 7×10, 8×12, 14x14ft and 14×20. The gorgeous finish is Quilted Sapele.

Special thanks to Iki and Tomer at Soultone Cymbals for the studio time and the friendship.